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Theme Park AdventureBuckle your belts and prepare for a crazy ride. Theme park adventure keeps its enviable popularity as an ideal day out for kids and even adults.

Theme park history spans to more than 500 years. Yes, thatís right. The official record says that the oldest amusement park had been established in 1583 in Denmark, near a small health resort town Dyrehavsbakken. A look in theme park history suggests that the first parks developed from market fairgrounds. Gypsies, travelling circus and actors contributed to the entertainment industry by creating a demand for a permanent areas of amusement. The oldest amusement gear is probably the merry-go-round. After all, the modern mega-size carousels have all evolved from the simple merry-go-round.

Adrenaline Magnet

  Adrenaline is something we all lack from time to time. Instead of breaking a speed limit or doing other silly things, why not pay a visit to a theme park? The most popular amusement rides include Kamikaze (also known as double-arm ranger), Rollercoaster and Sky Swinger amongst others.

  If you plan to visit several amusement parks in a short time, make sure you prepare for your adrenaline adventure. A day spent at a park can be very exhausting, you can compare it with a good day of sporting activities. Find a suitable accommodation near the venue, learn more about pricing options to avoid disappointment. If you have to pay for separate rides, budget your family outing before you arrive. Donít forget to top up your energy with healthy food and lots of water.

Family Value of Theme Parks

  Theme park adventure is something all the family can enjoy. Nobody has to stay home or stand aside. Majority of amusements are accessible for people of different ages and interests. With new safety standards implemented all across the Europe it is much safer to go for a ride than it was, letís say, 10 years ago. Donít believe all those horror stories about wagons going astray or panoramic wheels collapsing under the wind pressure. All licensed theme parks in Britain now carry out regular safety checks to avoid unwanted surprises.

If you are looking for a relatively cheap way to have more fun this summer, you donít have to travel far. Many families are considering saving money on their summer vacation by staying in Britain. South West England is a nice choice Ė great days out and attractions for the entire family are available.

Adventure Wonderland theme park is one of the most popular but in our Great Days Out directory there are at least six attractions that could be called a theme park:


New Great Days Out UK attractions in 2013: West Somerset Railway / The Blue Pool & Wareham Bears / Gorcombe Extreme Sports

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How about a wonderful holiday or a couple of great days out in some of the Southern England counties? Get to know them better:

Dorset Coat Of ArmsDorset is a county in South West England. Dorset is famous for its beautiful coastline - the Jurassic Coast, and many holiday resorts.
Globe Area: 2,653
People Population: 701,900

Somerset Coat Of ArmsSomerset is a county in the South West of England. Somerset is a rural county of rolling hills  and the Somerset Levels.
Globe Area 4,171 sq. km
People Population 884,400

Hampshire Coat Of ArmsHampshire is a county on the south coast of England. Hampshire is a popular holiday area, with strong maritime connections via Portsmouth & Southampton. - Portsmouth.
Globe Area 3,769 sq. km
People Population 1,671,000

Wiltshire Coat Of ArmsWiltshire is a county in South West England. It is famous for its high plains and wide valleys. Wiltshire is the home of Stonehenge and other important landmarks.
Globe Area:3,485 sq. km
People Population: 630,700

Devon Coat Of ArmsDevon is a county in the South West of England. It is unique among English counties, in having two separated coastlines, on the English Channel and Bristol Channel.
Globe Area 6,707 sq. km
People Population 1,109,900

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